The Fellowship


There are numerous platforms within Not For Sale that enable an individual to become involvedin the movement. Yet, for those few who want the message of abolition and freedom to become a vocation, nothing compares to the fellowship program.

Our Fellows are invited to join us in Half Moon Bay, CA to learn how to live out their vocation of abolition and freedom. Not For Sale’s Fellowship Program recruits and prepares dedicated individuals to become leaders in the modern-day abolitionist movement. Fellows work alongside National Staff, contributing to numerous projects and gaining dynamic hands-on leadership experience.

It is a six-month program designed to enhance one’s professional experience working in the abolitionist movement in a grassroots campaign.

NFS demands a high level of professionalism and responsibility of all of its fellows, and is committed to providing meaningful training and leadership development for all fellowship participants.

This is an unpaid fellowship, but is an exceptional opportunity to gain experience at an international non-profit with the ambitious mission the end slavery in our lifetime while pursuing a vocation as an abolitionist.

The Fellowship is an unpaid six-month intense training course. Fellows raise support for their living expenses by reaching out to their families and friends. Oftentimes, we have fellows from various parts of the world that do not have an extensive support network. Consider sponsoring a fellow for their six months by CLICKING HERE.


  • 21 years or older
  • BA or 3 Years work experience
  • Speak English fluently
  • Responsible for their own transportation
  • Have background knowledge in modern-day slavery
  • Be able to work in a highly flexible work environment, open to rapid deadlines in both independent and team settings
  • Take initiative on various projects and platforms
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (e.g. Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Comfortable living in a group environment
  • Fellows from all nationalities are welcome! Please be sure to research your own visa requirements

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