Farewell Bowling with the 2011 fellows and NFS staff


Speaking about her time at Not For Sale’s headquarters, Natalie Wartew from the UK said, “I now have a better understanding of the problems that can cause a community to become vulnerable to trafficking, and I have been part of the initiatives at Not For Sale that are creating real and innovative solutions to these problems.”

Locally based fellow Diana Cannon said, “If you do the fellowship with Not For Sale, you will definitely leave with a greater understanding of the problem of human trafficking and the abolitionist movement that is rising in response to it. Everyone’s experience will be different, but those are a few of the things you can count on.”

New Mexico native Christy Sobolik said, “While I came into the program with a fair amount of background knowledge about human trafficking, the flexibility, multi-tasking, team work, and organizational skills I have learned during the fellowship are skills I could not have learned in a classroom. Although I am unsure exactly what I will be doing after the fellowship, these skills will be an asset to me wherever I go.”

Budding filmmaker Hank Voge said, “Fellows have real, important work to do in Half Moon Bay.  The work isn’t glamorous or romantic (don’t expect to be a Kru Nam), but as Dave Batstone said, ‘The fellows are the life blood of Not For Sale.’ ”


2011 NFS Fellows taking part in the CNN Freedom Project's 'Slavery Still Exists'

Session 2


2 responses to “2011

  1. I’ve read the book and followed the story and I want desperately to be a fellow for spring 2013. However, I’m just confused as to how everyone lives day to day since its full time work, yet unpaid. Unless I skipped a line that talks about this?

    • Vic, although the Fellowship is unpaid, most living expenses are covered by Not For Sale. We have a “Fellow’s House” near to the office. However, food, gas and other expenses are not covered by the program. Thanks for your question!

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