“I am thrilled and grateful that as I end this fellowship training, I am filled with hope, more vision and knowledge.Thanks to all the staff and executive team of the Not For Sale Campaign for this great opportunity”- Davy

“Too often I have noticed I believe myself to be inadequate to speak as an expert on a topic. However, during the Fellowship, I have crafted emails and articles and spoken to countless people in the Freedom Store and have slowly started to realize, “Hey, I actually know I thing or two about this.” I am thankful for this opportunity to look back on a stage in my life and recognize such significant growth in a particular field of knowledge. No matter where I go or end up studying in my life, I know that my continual involvement with Not For Sale has helped intrinsically shape the person I want to become.”- Sarah Davis

“All I knew was I wanted to be a modern day abolitionist, and I hoped Not For Sale could teach me how. What I wasn’t expecting was how infectious the passion, commitment and vision I encountered would be. While I have learned very practical tools when it comes to combatting slavery; like how to recognise slavery in it’s many different forms; how to investigate cases; how to consume more responsibly; how to raise awareness that leads to engagement of the issue; how to work with government, private enterprise, and different forms of civil society to combat slavery more effectively; how to reach out to different communities to use their strengths, talents and resources to be better equipped for the fight – one of the most enduring lessons I’ve learned as part of this fellowship experience is that any efforts will be very limited in its effectiveness without relationship.”- Rebecca Lowe

“This fellowship has afforded me the opportunity to create a musical skit to be used in schools or churches, to assist in developing a Jr. High curriculum, to create a Change Project for schools or other organizations, and to continue to develop an elementary school curriculum.Some of the other projects I’ve worked on have been assisting the Chief Investigator as the Slavery Map Moderator, assisting the International Director with a recent visit from our Thailand Project, and I attended two academies, the Global Forum and attended Soulfest inNew Hampshire”- Benita Hopkins

2010 Session 1 Fellows and NFS Staff


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