Session 5 | Meet the Authors

Katie Bergman

Originally from Saskatchewan, Canada, Katie recently graduated from the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Human Justice.  During her career as a student, Katie was involved in a series of social justice pursuits, including Free The Children, Oxfam Canada, and several local outreach centres.  She spent three summers as a tree planter in northern British Columbia and has a heart for travel.  Before joining the Not For Sale team, Katie served as an Art and English teacher for six months in a rural community in northern Mexico.

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Jerry Kim

New to the left coast, Jerry recently returned to the States after working at a public relations firm in Seoul, South Korea. She received her BA in Communication Studies at Virginia Tech, where she worked at the university and local broadcast TV station, played on the club tennis team and attended many, many Hokie football games. Jerry is passionate about traveling—would love to be a modern-day nomad; shopping—you can never have enough shoes or LBDs; food & chocolate—has the ultimate sweet tooth; running— live for the feeling of sore muscles; and, of course, family—the epitome of true & unconditional love. Last year, she was dumbfounded by the atrocity that is modern-day slavery and her life was forever changed.

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Matthew Collard

Matthew Collard is 24 years old and very passionate about the movement to end modern-day slavery and human trafficking. Some of his hobbies include: soccer (aka football), pickleball, tennis, paintball, scuba diving, video games and hiking. He has lived in Japan, Australia and Thailand and is looking forward to continuing his travels across the world, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. Favorite foods: sushi, jambalaya, gumbo, beignets, bibimbab, dokbogi, pad see-ew, pad pong garee, and honey milk tea with tapioca pearls!

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Holly Boles

A bona-fide abolitionist, homebody, wanna-be event planner, and faux extrovert. If she’s not working, she’s finding an excuse to throw a party. Originally from the mid-west, Holly quit her job and moved to California to participate in a 6-month fellowship with the Not For Sale Campaign. Her background includes PR, event planning, and healthcare, but she’s even more excited for what her future includes.

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Samantha Thornley

Samantha is excited to officially be a part of the Not For Sale Campaign as a session 5 Fellow. She received a B.S. in Music Industry from Northeastern University in Boston and recently completed her M.S. in Nonprofit Management with a focus on Global Studies, also from Northeastern. While spending a year teaching English in Vietnam, she learned first hand about human trafficking and has since been determined to help make a difference. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, yoga and hula-hooping and is always down for some live music. Go Celtics!

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Adrienne Lee

Adrienne has recently returned from Nepal after volunteering with an anti-human trafficking group working towards finding meaningful employment for victims of gender-based violence.  She has managed a Canadian based NGO that provides accessible education to under resourced communities in Africa for the last two years.  Upon graduating from her Master’s in Environmental Applied Science and Management, she applied for the 6-month fellowship with the Not for Sale Campaign.  Adrienne is a firm believer in learning through experience, travel, and those that inspire around you.

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Anna Phou

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Anna quit her job and moved down to Half Moon Bay, California in September 2011 to start volunteering with Not For Sale and to follow her heart.  Anna has always been passionate about social justice.  But when she is not working to change the world (which is almost always) she likes to pretty much do nothing!  But most of the time she ends up: hanging out with friends, spending lots of time in a bookstore, reading, watching tv, snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing and pretty much anything.  She could not be more excited to be with Not For Sale for the next 6 months.

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