The Movement


Around the world people have taken notice: the breath of freedom is uniting people. No longer can we stand by as 30 million people are enslaved.

It is no longer enough to think about change.
It is no longer enough to talk about change.
It is time to shift gears — marrying movement with intelligent action.

Our collective challenge is simple: Stand with those who are enslaved, work together to free them, and empower them in their freedom to break the cycle of vulnerability.

What we are combating is wide-ranging, deeply embedded, and largely invisible (how else could it exist in our own backyards?). A holistic, all-encompassing response is in order. Igniting and aiding this comprehensive response is the Not For Sale Campaign’s purpose.

The Not For Sale Campaign bridges knowledge to action.

With your help, we are working to raise awareness and collective understanding about human trafficking. But we live in a time and place where people are restless “to do something”. In recognition of this desire to act we will be completing and distributing handbooks for action. What can yourathletics team do? What can your university do? What can your community of faith do? What can your business do? What can you do as a musician?

Starting today and beyond we will be providing new ideas and proven constructs for action.

Without a doubt, the wall standing against slavery today consists of backyard abolitionists, people like yourself, who are willing to build the bridge to freedom.

Welcome to the movement.


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